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Cost, Convenience and Care

We Are Open for In-person Treatments

We have returned to normal

We have all been waiting to return to normal after years of COVID restrictions. Bloor Jane Physiotherapy has returned to normal with full capacity and with the ability to assess your pain and treat your injuries one on one. We continue to offer in person services as well as online for those that cannot reach us. We schedule one-hour appointments for the initial assessment and treatment, and we create a treatment plan for ongoing visits of 30 minutes or more.

Safety concerns continue

We have always been clean, but we stepped up our cleaning measures during the pandemic. We still spray beds and equipment with disinfectant regularly and provide clean linen for every visit. As we gradually return to full capacity, note that our private treatment rooms keep you distant from others and our open exercise areas are not crowded. 

What to wear

Bring a pair of shorts if we are to look at your knees or wear a tank top if we are to assess the shoulder. We offer cloth gowns for your comfort as we examine your spine and back. 

Call 416-766-2050 to schedule an appointment for an in-person visit.

About Physiotherapy

Conveniently located in the Bloor West Village in the west end of Toronto, Bloor Jane Physiotherapy has the modern technologies and knowledgeable physiotherapists to help you recover better and faster. The physiotherapists at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy & Active Rehabilitation offer the most effective treatments for a wide range of aches and sprain. They will take you from disabling pain to full function and give you long term solutions to prevent a future problem. With an in-depth understanding of functional anatomy, the physiotherapists can make a differential diagnosis of injuries to muscles, tendons or joints. They explain the pathology and create a personalized treatment plan of therapy within the clinic and give practical advice for home care.

Our Physiotherapy Services in Toronto

Proudly serving the GTA in the Bloor West Village for 22 years, Bloor Jane Physiotherapy & Active Rehabilitation team includes experienced physiotherapists who provide physical rehabilitation treatments to help reduce muscle and joint pain for those living in West end Toronto. We provide the physiotherapy Bloor West Village can rely on.

We are conveniently located in the Toronto West Professional Center across the street from the Jane subway station on the Bloor Line. We are wheelchair accessible on the second floor with an elevator in our large lobby. A circular drive at the entrance makes it easy to enter at the front. In our clinic, our knowledgeable professionals continue to treat a variety of muscular and joint disorders successfully.

Our team of practitioners knows how to help you recover from your injuries in auto accidents, the work environment, and sports and exercise-related activities. Using physiotherapy, including massage therapy, acupuncture and more, patients recover faster and more fully through our cost-effective treatments.

Our clinic is well-appointed with the latest technologies, including pulsed laser light therapy, shockwave therapy, a bright gym with medical exercise-therapy equipment, and private treatment rooms with mobilization plinths where physiotherapists offer hands-on, one on one therapy. Our assessment and treatment goals are to find the cause of the problem and help you return to normal activities as fast as possible.

We accept all motor vehicle accident claims and understand the complicated claims process. We can directly bill to most employee health benefit providers.

To learn how physiotherapy in Bloor West Village can aid your rehabilitation, try a free 15-min consultation with us. Schedule an appointment for a physiotherapy assessment and treatment.


Reader’s Choice award given to Bloor Jane Physiotherapy in Bloor West Village publication for 2012 and 2016

Free 15-Minute Consultation in Person or by Phone

A significant part of physiotherapy treatment provides valid medical information about your problem and gives you advice on home care. You may have searched online, but you may have found advertising with unproven myths. Bloor Jane Physiotherapy is offering free 15-minute consultations by a physiotherapist either by phone or in person. Drop-in if you happen to be in the building. Ask us your most pressing questions, and we can help answer them.

  • Elizabeth Thomas: Office Manager works Mon, Wed, Fri; speaks in Tamil and English fluently.

  • Amna Bajwa: Physiotherapist works Mon, Wed, Fri; speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi fluently as well as English.

  • Micheal Varghese: Physiotherapist works Wed, Fri; speaks Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil fluently as well as English.

  • Maria Pineda: Physiotherapy Assistant works Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri; speaks Spanish and English fluently.

  • Sarah Casey: Registered Massage Therapist works Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri; speaks English and some French.

  • Ruta Janson: Physiotherapist, Clinic Administrator works Mon.- Fri; speaks Latvian and English fluently.

We listen to everbody’s problems and try to help as many as possible, no matter what their mother tongue. 

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