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Our Team at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy and Active Rehabilitation

Our team of highly trained physiotherapists, massage therapists and office administrators are dedicated to personalized treatment of our patients to help you return to top physical health.

Ruta Janson

Ruta Janson, Semi-retired Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner

Ruta, like other physiotherapists with many years of experience in orthopedic private practice, has developed a comfortable but confident manner when assessing and treating musculoskeletal disorders and conditions. She has expertise in treating a wide range of manual therapy skills and therapeutic modalities. Ruta was able to find the triggers that cause pain and was able to clearly explain the connection to muscle or joint pathology. She incorporated myofascial release, muscle energy, manual mobilizations, spinal traction and craniosacral treatment to release tension, and reduce pain.

For years, Ruta and the physiotherapists at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy helped in the recovery of many people in the Bloor West community whether from whiplash injuries after car accidents or rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder or sports injuries or the ever common low back pain. Together with massage therapists, Ruta and her team offered a multidimensional approach to recovery. Many who recovered referred family and friends to her clinic; a win, win situation. This approach is present at Bloor Jane; her dedicated team of physiotherapists, massage therapist, and administrative staff continue to offer the same services with the same care.

More recently Ruta has focused on promoting bone health, treating those with osteopenia and osteoporosis. She created ‘The Osteoporosis Exercise Program’ a drug-free program of specific exercises and education about lifestyle changes that can improve bone health. Many exercises are done with minimal equipment. With just a few clinic visits to learn the exercises, they can be done in the comfort of home or a gym. Semi-retired, now Ruta limits her practice to the treatment of osteoporosis and promotion of bone health and to teach other therapists to do the same.


Alex Kim, Physiotherapist

After receiving his Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster University, Alex obtained his Master of Physical Therapy from Western University. Since then, he has worked at multiple clinics, family health team, hospitals and even long term care facilities! Having previously worked closely with family physicians and specialists, he strives to provide evidence-based rehabilitation medicine that focuses on empowering patients through movements & exercises. With his background in Biology & Physiology and Physical Therapy, he provides a thorough assessment to figure out whether your symptoms are originating from muscles, bones/joints, or nerves. At the end of the assessment and subsequent treatment sessions, he will provide you with a comprehensive Physiotherapy treatment that consists of both hands-on therapy (Soft Tissue Release/Massage to relax tight muscles and Joint Mobilization to get stiff joints moving again) and progression of your exercises so you can resume your daily activities without pain.

Graham Flitt

Graham Flitt, Physiotherapist

A senior physiotherapist with over 30 years of clinical experience and over 28 years specializing in Manual Therapy and Sports Medicine. He has completed numerous post-graduate courses in the field of orthopedics including medical Acupuncture. He is a credentialed MDT therapist. Graham is able to provide highly effective treatment to help clients recover from a wide variety of injuries and conditions.

Sarah Casey

Sarah Casey, Registered Massage Therapist

Sarah is a registered massage therapist and has been with Bloor Jane Physiotherapy since December 2007. She assists in the rehabilitation of motor vehicle-accident, workplace and sports injuries, and helping to relax the tissues. Working together with a great physiotherapy team, she has found that the combination helps to speed recovery. She looks forward to helping you with your rehabilitation needs. Sarah's excellent massages were instrumental in Bloor Jane Physiotherapy winning the first-place Readers' Choice award in the local community Bloor West Villager newspaper.

Marie Pineda Sierra

Marie Pineda Sierra, Physiotherapist Assistant

Maria graduated with Honours as a physiotherapy assistant from the Emmanuel Academy of Health and Business in 2014.

As a member of the Bloor Jane Physiotherapy team, she performs treatments as prescribed and directed by the physiotherapists implementing physical agents and therapeutic exercises.

Maria considers this profession very fulfilling and rewarding since she gets to assist people with different injuries and illnesses that can affect anyone. She wants to help improve the quality of life of the patients she sees.

Martin Petkov

Martin Petkov, Kinesiologist

Martin completed his Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University in 2018. Through an internship at the Human Performance Lab at York University, he gained an understanding of the complex interactions between physical activity, fitness and health as applied to different individuals, young or old, athletes, manual workers, and those with illness or injury. Martin performed fitness assessments and created personalized exercise prescriptions. It has led to him becoming a Health and Fitness Federation of Canada Certified Exercise Physiologist. He enjoys working with athletes and those aspiring to become athletes.


Martin joined Bloor Jane Physiotherapy & Active Rehabilitation after gaining three years’ of experience working with physiotherapists and executing the exercise prescriptions they created. As a member of our team at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy & Active Rehabilitation, he continues to work with our physiotherapists educating clients, teaching them how to correctly do stretching or strengthening exercises and answer any questions they might have.

Martin applies various therapeutic modalities under the direction of the physiotherapists. These include the application of TENS or IFC for pain reduction, heat to increase local blood flow, ultrasound to soften scarred tissues, cryotherapy under pressure to reduce swelling and laser to promote faster tissue healing. He is passionate about helping patients recover from injury or illness so they can ultimately return to lead a pain-free yet active life. He plans to continue with his education and aspires to become a physiotherapist himself.

Elizabeth Thomas and Rushanti Bisram, Office Managers

Elizabeth or Rushanti will be behind the soft and friendly voice you hear when you call to make an appointment at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy. Both of them are efficient and helpful office managers. They take all the necessary information for ongoing care at the clinic. They are familiar with online billing and know the motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims process. They help ensure that you do not pay out of pocket for your post-injury rehab. They can also help you understand the many insurance forms and assist in completing them.

When you contact us to schedule your appointment, Elizabeth or Rushanti will help you with any questions you have.