August Newsletter From Bloor Jane Physiotherapy

The coronavirus may have changed the way we go about our daily lives, but some changes may be here to stay. Virtual care, telemedicine, and video Zoom conferencing are here for good.


At Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, we have embraced virtual care technology and offered in-home treatments via video into your home. They are still available and may even be preferred.


The GLA:D Canada Program is available both in the clinic and in your home. It is an 8-week education and exercise program for those with stiff or painful hips or knees or those with osteoarthritis of the hips or knees. This program can readily combine in-person treatments with virtual treatments at home because of very little gym equipment, and it is required to exercise twice a week for 6 weeks. 


Research from the GLAD programs in both Denmark and Canada shows participants report less pain, reduced use of painkillers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active. 


If you are suffering from hip or knee stiffness and pain or you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, this program is for you. If you have been taking medication or have reduced your level of physical activity, this program is or you. 


Call 416-766-2050 for an appointment with a certified Physiotherapist and join the group. We offer a free 15-minute consultation with a physiotherapist to answer your questions. The fee for the GLA:D program is $525 or $37.50 per session. There is no government funding for it. But your Extended Health Insurance will cover it since it is a physiotherapy service.


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