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Bloor Jane Physiotherapy Announces Participation in the GLA:D Program in West End Toronto

Do you wish you were more active, but arthritic knee or hip pain holds you back? A new treatment is available for those with osteoarthritis in the hip or knee, which can improve the quality of your life. You too could go outside to enjoy Summer activities. Recent research has confirmed that people with osteoarthritis can be more active if they know more about the condition and are doing special exercises for it. Data has demonstrated that the GLA:D program has been successful in supporting people with hip and knee OA to manage their symptoms, improve their function, and increase their physical activity. Overall, 90% of participants in a Canadian study of the GLA:D program felt they benefited from it.


GLA:D stands for Good Life with osteoarthritis: Denmark, but Canadians are embracing it too, and Bloor Jane Physiotherapy is offering it in the West end of Toronto starting July 2020. The program consists of two 90-minute education sessions and 12 exercise sessions twice a week for 6 weeks. After the physiotherapy assessment, individuals are given a program of specific exercises that meet their abilities. Hip and knee alignment may have to be corrected by the physiotherapist. Progress is made through different levels of each exercise done at one’s own pace while always monitoring any discomfort. The exercises can be done in small group settings in the clinic or in the home, using just a few basic pieces of equipment or a combination of both. No large gym membership is required.


The GLA:D program is covered by all the major insurance companies as an extended health benefit since it is offered by a physiotherapist. Your commitment of $525 and 6 weeks participation in virtual or small group sessions of 5-6 people is all it takes to improve your quality of life and get you more active.  Consider this valuable opportunity for yourself or someone else. You could help revitalize a loved one or an ageing parent. 


Call Bloor Jane Physiotherapy at 416-766-2050 to speak with a physiotherapist about your GLA:D  participation or email us at We offer free 15-minute consultations.


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