Snow Shovelling

February in Toronto Is the Month of Snow Has Snow Shovelling Brought on Your Back Ache?

Have you been shovelling the sidewalk and developed low back pain? Did you have a backache before, and now it’s returned? Is the pain centred in the low back?  Is it there all the time? Do you know how to deal with it? Has it gone away, or is it still lingering? Are you taking meds but wish you didn’t have to rely on pills? Do you wish you could get rid of it for good? 


If you have asked yourself any of these questions, the physiotherapists at Bloor Jane Physio can help. If the pain radiates down the leg, this is not for you because you’ll need more specific attention, but if it’s a mild to moderate ache, lie down in a comfortable position and put a heating pad on your low back for 15 minutes. That may be good enough but if you have any underlying illnesses or the pain to worsen with heat, contact your doctor immediately.


You could try these two simple exercises. Lying supine, facing up, slowly bend the hips and knees up to your chest and hold for about 30 seconds. Repeat this 5 times to stretch out the muscles. Doing a mobility exercise is prone may help. Raise your head and shoulders by pushing up with your arms, raise as high as you feel you can and let your low back sag for a second or two. If that reduces the pain, repeat ten or twenty times but stop if it worsens.


We hope you feel better with this general advice from the staff at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, but these basic exercises may not be enough. If the pain is intense or worsens, you need more assistance - a more specific plan of therapy. You may need acupuncture or TENS to reduce the pain or some manual mobilization techniques by the physiotherapists. If the pain radiates into the leg, you’ll need a different program. Certainly, an Assessment of your own needs is in order.


Call us at 416-766-2050 to schedule an Assessment to determine your specific needs. 

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