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Injured at Work? Bloor Jane Physiotherapy Treats Work-Related Injuries

During this time of COVID-19, we want to help everyone stay on the job, even if you work from home.

Injured at your work? Do you have a valid WSIB claim? If yes, we can help you recover from your injury within weeks. We treat all workplace injuries at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy. We know the WSIB claims process, and we can help you return to work.


The most common workplace injury seen in a physiotherapy clinic is Low Back Strain, a lifting injury. Statistically, it is men who most often suffer from back injuries, but the second most common are nurses. Nurses and other front-line workers who help move bedridden patients in hospitals or nursing homes are just as likely to develop a low back strain as anyone else. At Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, we aim to help all workers recover and stay on the job for as long as possible.


WSIB created an 8-week Physiotherapy Program of Care for those with low back injuries. It is designed for workers with an acute low back injury who are off work, but it is also available for those who are still working at their regular duties or are on modified duties. An assessment should take place within 42 days of the initial injury, or a reinjury. We send our assessment findings in a report to the WSIB, communicating red flags and providing a treatment plan with a specific treatment frequency to be performed, either in-person or via virtual care.


At Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, treatments include education, pain management, injury treatment, mobilizations, stretching and strengthening exercises, and assistance with return to work. Our physiotherapists may do traction or mobilization to any stiff joints and they may teach many exercises or self-help techniques for implementation at home. Our massage therapist can provide a therapeutic massage to sore or tight muscles associated with the low back injury.


Our clinic is also equipped to reduce pain from the injury with the following treatment modalities: Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Interferential Stimulation (IFC), heat therapy, laser light therapy with a powerful Theralase unit, and ultrasound with a 1 Hz or 3 Hz sound head. During the 8-weeks of treatment, outcome measures are taken and compared with the data taken at the beginning of treatment. Our therapists communicate with WSIB to help transition you back to work.


Give our friendly front desk staff a call, and we will answer any questions about your WSIB claim. Call 416-766-2050 or email for an appointment to begin your recovery.



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