Physiotherapists Help Relieve Pain Without Drugs

Pain can be debilitating whether it is acute or chronic! No matter when it happens, it’s hard to focus on anything when you are in pain. It’s hard to do anything but try to get rid of it! Pain impacts the quality of life, your relationships, and everything you do!

Pain is the main reason most people come to Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, and the cause of that pain is what physiotherapists determine during the initial assessment. Pain may be constant or intermittent, mild or severe, stabbing, burning, dull or sharp, localized or referred. All these descriptions help physiotherapists assess the cause of the pain before they start treatment.

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation caused by a noxious stimulus to the sensory nerve endings. The more nerve endings in the tissues, the more pain one feels when they are injured. Did you know that bones and cartilage have very few nerves, but the joint capsule and ligaments have many? Muscles and tendons are rich with nerves, and fascia has even more. 

Our physiotherapists do biomechanical assessments which include asking for medical history and asking about recent or past injuries. They look for bruising and feel for swelling or muscle spasm. They ask you to move the joints in the area and they also passively move them to feel for joint stiffness. They can determine your pain pattern. They determine if the cause of your pain is the joint or the muscles and tendons in the area. They create a treatment plan to reduce the pain progressively and also increase mobility.

The spine is complicated with many different joints and many layers of large and small muscles as well as a complex web of nerves radiating from the spinal cord. This makes back pain more challenging to assess but our physiotherapists, trained in the International McKenzie Methods, have successfully treated upper or lower back pain as well as determine if there is disc pathology. They know when to apply modalities or manual techniques. They know what movements or exercises to do and what to avoid. They know how to rid you of pain for good!

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