Big Pain in the Foot

Plantar Fasciitis Is a Big Pain in the Foot

Ouch! I woke pain-free this morning but on my first step out of bed a sharp, stabbing pain in my foot took me by surprise. Not there yesterday as I walked around, but today it is stopping me from walking at all! What happened? Why so sore, just on the heel! I limp to my laptop and search online for a quick solution but find no easy remedy. I decided I must get some professional help.


Have you ever felt like this? Do you sometimes wear ill-fitting shoes because they look good, but might cause you pain the next day? Is it really the shoes or is it your foot? Should you call the doctor or some other health care practitioner? You may find Feet First, a foot clinic in trendy Bloor West Village; they have Chiropodists. Nearby is Bloor Jane Physiotherapy; their Physiotherapists may have helped you in the past. You should try them both.


You may have Plantar Fasciitis, a condition where the fascia, a broad, thick band connecting the calcaneus (the heel bone) to the forefoot, has become inflamed at its attachment. At Feet First, the Chiropodists take a detailed history and assess the biomechanics of the foot looking for a high arch or a flat foot. They give advice on rest, ice and NSAIDs for pain and discuss proper footwear for your type of foot. They may suggest orthotics worn inside the shoe to give extra cushioning and to help correct the foot alignment for each step. The Physiotherapists at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy also take a detailed history and assess the biomechanics of the foot. They check the gait and the alignment of the whole leg from hip to ankle. Both assess the muscles of the leg and often find tight calf muscles, and both suggest similar exercises to stretch the ones that are tight. The Physiotherapists also teach exercises to strengthen weak intrinsic foot muscles and may even apply a muscle stimulator to assist with this. The Physiotherapists tackle the pain by applying laser, ultrasound or shock wave treatments to the fascia and mobilize the many small joints of the foot to ensure their movement is normal. The Massage Therapist at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy gives a deep tissue massage and loosens the tight fascia. All give advice on how to prevent another bout of pain and discuss footwear for the future.


I like that Feet First and Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, both on Bloor Street W. in the west end of Toronto can collaborate to help with painful Plantar Fasciitis. Each clinic is helpful on its own but combined, they are almost guaranteed to get to the root cause of painful Plantar Fasciitis and get rid of it.

Call 416-766-2050 to book a Physiotherapy or Massage appointment at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy.

Call 416-769-3338 to book your foot assessment at Feet First.



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