This Holiday Season, Bloor Jane Physiotherapy Wishes to Send You a Message of Comfort and Joy

We wish to offer you some health and wellness tips to make your holiday season be truly filled with comfort and joy!

  • Dress to stay warm. Cold winter weather can come upon us unexpectedly at any time. Be prepared with layers of clothing and add or remove as needed.  
  • Avoid slipping on ice. Wear sensible shoes or boots for icy streets. Stay strong to master your balance on slippery surfaces.
  • Stay active, get up and walk. There may be a tendency to sit and watch the many Specials on TV, but don’t get caught up and sit too much.
  • Keep colds at bay. Reduce the risk of colds or flu with a balance of activity, healthy foods, and good sound sleep. 
  • Eat more fruit or take vitamin D. During the darker days of winter, you may not get enough of the benefits from the sun.
  • Go easy on the booze. Everyone offers festive drinks this season, from eggnog to mulled wine. Try to maintain your regular limit of them all.
  • Don’t overindulge in food, be aware of portion sizes. We tend to feast with lots of rich foods during these holidays but try to think before you eat.
  • Do something for others. During this time of excessive consumerism, try to offer something more valuable to your loved ones.
  • Prevent infections and the spread of coronavirus. Say mindful of the guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer to prevent the spread of COVID.



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