Virtual Physiotherapy session

We Are Offering Virtual Care Treatments in a Staged Opening at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy & Active Rehabilitation

As the world gets ready to re-open for business, the business will not be as usual.

COVID-19 has created changes in our lives, and many changes are here to stay. If you are working from home, you may continue to do so for some time. Many have become more conscious of their health, taking a more proactive role in wellness. Has your regular day changed due to the coronavirus? Are you ready to embrace the changes of the new normal? Virtual Care, a branch of Telemedicine, is part of the new normal. It’s basically having a physiotherapy treatment online, using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Similar to Facetime, a physiotherapist connects with you in the privacy and safety of your own home.


Telemedicine was only used in rural areas in the past, but since the stay-at-home measures of COVID-19, this technology is available in our homes to connect us to the outside world. The healthcare industry is embracing it, and almost all insurance companies are funding it.


We now offer Virtual Care Assessments and Treatments at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy. We have made it possible to provide virtual treatments on a secure platform that is linked to our Practice Perfect database. Guaranteeing the confidentiality of medical records, it enables us to bill your insurance company directly. We schedule you an appointment, and your physiotherapist invites you to join at the appointed time. It’s just that simple!


You might be surprised at how much you can benefit from it. Past patients have said they were anxious at the start but were surprised at how much they learned. Not only did they understand what was going on in their bodies and were taught exercises, but they also learned what to do at home for their pain and how to make everyday tasks much easier.


Email or call Bloor Jane Physiotherapy at 416-766-2050 to speak with the Office Manager. We can make an appointment and guide you through the process.

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