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Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Below are some common questions we field from our patients about our office, treatments, fees and more. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact our office, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Tell Me About Your Clinic

We have a very supportive environment that puts the client’s needs first. Our physiotherapists provide care with experience. Consequently, you will be given a comprehensive assessment to determine treatment goals. The therapists inform and explain their findings along the way to provide a differential diagnosis and then create a treatment plan. They provide the assessment and treatment you require, no matter the length of time.

Can I Speak to a Physio Before an Appointment?

Yes. Our physiotherapists offer a free 15 min consultation, in person or by phone, to discuss your personal issues. The physiotherapist will answer your concerns and explain what to expect in your recovery. All treatments are one on one with the physiotherapist.

What Can I Expect From the Treatment?

Each treatment visit includes a re-assessment of your current status with improvements from the last visit. Treatments vary depending on the individual. We create a treatment plan which may include pain-relieving modalities such as acupuncture, TENS, ultrasound, laser or shockwave therapy or manual therapy techniques, as well as progressive exercises and activities. We give home care advice and exercise handouts to better continue your program on your own.

What Are Your Fees?

Before starting treatment, the physiotherapist will give you a comprehensive assessment of your problems, as mandated by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Our assessment fee is $125; the assessment will take about 90 minutes because it will include a treatment. Ongoing treatments are $80 per visit. We do not limit the time spent on the treatment but aim to provide whatever is necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

I Don’t Know About My Insurance Coverage. What Should I Do?

Check with your insurance company about your coverage. The Privacy Act prevents us from gaining any personal information about you. We accept payment with major credit cards and issue a receipt that you can claim for reimbursement. Although no referral is required for physiotherapy treatment, check your insurance for their rules on the need to see a physician.

Can You Bill My Insurance Directly?

Yes. It depends on the insurance company, but we can bill directly to most of the larger insurers. We accept payment from VISA, M/C, debit, or cash, and we issue receipts with the physiotherapist's name and license number.

Where Are You Located?

How Large Is the Clinic? How Large Is the Staff?

Our team includes physiotherapists, a physiotherapy assistant, a registered massage therapist, and an office manager who schedules the appointments. We have three private treatment rooms, three treatment beds in the gym, and a large, bright gym area.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Have?

The clinic has a variety of treatment modalities such as ultrasound, shockwave therapy, dry needling acupuncture, Theralase laser light unit, muscle stimulators, TENS machines, a hydrocollator for heat packs, a cryo cuff for ice and many items for taping and splinting. We have a treadmill, a recumbent bike, 3 sets of wall pulleys, a quads/hamstrings/hip exercise machine, 2 exercise benches, floor mats, 4 different shaped balance boards and a variety of weights, straps, and resistance bands in a bright gym-like setting.

What Conditions and Injuries Do Physiotherapists Deal With?

Our physiotherapists treat all musculoskeletal problems and all orthopedic conditions including hip or knee arthritis with the GLA:D Canada Program of education and exercise. Some of the more common ones are low back pain, whiplash injuries, headaches and neck pain, sprains and strains, post-operative rehab, repetitive strains, sports medicine, workplace injuries, and chronic aches from conditions such as arthritis. We also provide custom exercise programs to improve fitness and function, like osteoporosis and pelvic or rotator-cuff weakness.

Do You Have a Waiting List? What if I Have an Emergency and Need Treatment Now?

Our waiting period averages a few days to a week, but if you have an emergency, we’ll fit you in the same day if possible.

Do You Offer Virtual Treatments Online?

Yes. Our clinic uses the INSIG Health platform that ensures privacy and confidentiality. It also saves your information in our database and enables us to invoice you or your insurance provider.

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