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Bloor Jane Physiotherapy Sells Custom Orthopaedic Braces

knee and ankle gaurds

Have you been told to wear an orthopaedic brace? Orthopaedic braces are worn over a painful joint to help support and stabilize it. Custom orthopaedic braces come in many different shapes and sizes and they are ordered specifically to each individual’s measurements and for each individual’s needs. They can be light-weight and breathable or more rigid with hinges or straps and they all offer perfectly positioned padding to maximize support and minimize pain. Unlike casts that immobilize the area, an orthopaedic brace allows pain-free mobility and limits all harmful movements.

Orthopaedic braces are not limited to high-performance professional athletes. They can help anyone recover from an injury or surgery and they can help reduce the pain of a chronic condition. They enable you to return sooner to your favourite weekend sport or activity. You could return to golf sooner or go for a hike or get back to work sooner. They can help you throughout a long day at a physically demanding job. We stock a few orthopaedic brace samples at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy so that you can see the quality of the product. We order your custom brace after we assess your needs and take your measurements; they usually arrive within a few days of our order. The most common orthopaedic braces are pictured above in this Newsletter.

  • LEVAMED ACTIVE is an ankle brace for support after an injury and when returning to activities: $140.

  • GENUMEDI PT is a patellar tracking knee brace for those with chondromalacia or runner’s knee: $130.

  • GENUMEDI Pro is a support brace with hinges for those with arthritic knee pain: $195.

  • EPIBRACE is for those with pain due to the tennis elbow: $130.

Your physiotherapist at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy may suggest an orthopaedic brace for you, too. It will help you return to pain-free work or return to your favourite activity sooner. We can order many different types of orthopaedic braces, all designed and manufactured with quality workmanship. They are covered by most extended health benefit plans, but sometimes, you may need to present the insurance company with a doctor’s referral. If you need a brace, Bloor Jane Physiotherapy can get you a quality product and a custom fit. Call us at 416-766-2050 to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. We offer free 15 min phone consultations.


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