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My Knee Feels Better After Bloor Jane Physiotherapy Treatments

men applying bandage on his knees

At Bloor Jane Physiotherapy we have been offering the GLA:D program for those with arthritic knee pain since before the days of COVID-19. We have learned more about arthritic knee pain, and we have had more success in improving the quality of life for those who suffer with it.

How do I know if my knee pain is due to arthritis? Osteoarthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints. Any joint in the body may be affected by it, but it is particularly common in the knees. A knee joint affected by osteoarthritis is usually swollen, inflamed and painful. Pain tends to develop gradually over time and crepitus, or creaking noises also develop over time. Pain usually worsens when walking or climbing stairs and sometimes fluctuates depending on the weather. It’s usually worse in the morning but it can flare up after vigorous activity. Worst of all, it makes your everyday activities hard to do; it can affect your quality of life. How do we treat arthritic knee pain at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy? During a comprehensive knee assessment, our physiotherapists confirm the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis and explain which tissues are involved. Arthritis usually involves the cartilage that covers the patella, femur, and tibia. If the patella is not tracking properly within the groove of the femoral condyle, it can come in contact with the sensitive cartilage of the condyle every time you bend or straighten the knee. Irritating the cartilage, in this way, can be the cause of your pain. Correcting patellar tracking becomes important and it can be helped by taping the patella. It becomes the short-term fix while you strengthen the quads muscle for the long-term fix. At Bloor Jane Physiotherapy, we apply a double layer of special tape following the various McConnell taping methods and we can teach you to apply the tape yourself at home. Applying McConnell tape to your knee before exercise can help you strengthen your quads without pain. This way you have a pain free workout while strengthening the weaker medial part of the quads muscle, thereby helping to correct the patellar tracking problem. If you have arthritic knee pain, come to the GLA:D Canada program at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy in the west end of Toronto. Get more information about the program at or search our website at Call us at 416-766-2050 for an appointment with a physiotherapist and get started on your pain-free workout.

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