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The Car Accident Recovery Plan at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy

upset man holding his head after car accident

For over 24 years, the team at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy has successfully treated those suffering from whiplash injuries, backaches or other aches and pains after a car accident. Each one of the team members has a role to play in helping our clients recover as quickly as possible. From the first contact with a polite office manager to the last visit with an experienced physiotherapist or massage therapist, each one is knowledgeable, courteous, and kind. We not only help our clients through the maze of auto insurance paperwork, but we also use the latest technology in pain-relieving modalities and the most up-to-date manual techniques to reduce pain from the trauma. Day by day, our clients feel better. Our clients can be assured that they will not have to pay out of pocket for therapy and that the treatment will help them recover.

This is our treatment plan for recovery after a car accident:

  • We book the assessment and initial treatment within 24 hours.

  • We assist with completion of OCF-1, the Application of Benefits form.

  • We schedule Minor Injury (MIG) treatments 2 X a week in the first month.

  • We offer 6 massage treatments under the $400 ‘Goods and Services’ plan.

  • We assist with the completion of all OCF insurance forms in a timely manner.

  • We provide reassurance, education, and home care advice to the client.

  • We talk about hurt versus harm.

  • We provide subjective and objective outcome testing to ensure progress.

  • We communicate with the physician and adjuster about client progress.

  • We send a discharge report to the adjuster once the client has fully recovered.

Call Bloor Jane Physiotherapy at 416-766-2050 for a physiotherapy assessment and start your car accident recovery plan. You can recover from the accident and get on with your life.

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