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Understanding the Complexities of Your Knee

knee joint

The Physiotherapists at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy understand the complex anatomy of the knee and know how to treat your knee pain. There is no single treatment that reduces knee pain as each person is different. It depends on the nature of the injury, what tissues were injured, the pre-existing conditions you have and your level of activity. Most injuries cause the knee to swell immediately due to inflammation of the joint capsule. A fall directly on the knee can fracture the kneecap or it can tear the quadriceps tendon. A twisting injury can result in a ligament strain; the cruciate ligaments (ACL) and the collateral ligaments are often injured in a football tackle. Runner’s knee or chondromalacia can develop when there is an imbalance in the quadriceps muscles resulting in improper patellar tracking. You might develop osteoarthritis, a deterioration of the cartilage inside the knee joint. There can be many conditions with different types of knee pain.

During the assessment our physiotherapists ask you how the pain began. Was it the result of a single traumatic injury or was the onset gradual and worsening? Your answers will direct the physiotherapist to perform certain movements and certain stress tests which help verify what structures are involved and the degree of the injury or the pathology. X-rays and MRIs are helpful; they show the condition of the bones, the meniscus, and the ligaments but do not focus on all the soft tissues inside the joint. Diagnostic ultrasound can be ordered to show any soft tissue damage. Treatment options are many and Bloor Jane Physio makes them all available to you. Low power laser during the acute phase speeds up healing; TENS is a drug-free way to reduce the pain; ultrasound helps ligaments recover with less scarring; muscle stimulators help regain muscle strength and shockwave can be applied to an old scar or tight muscle. We massage and do manual mobilizations to a stiff knee joint. A custom support brace can be ordered, or we can tape the knee to improve patellar tracking. Above all, we teach specific strengthening and stretching exercises to the quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower leg muscles. We teach functional home exercises that focus on the whole leg. We aim to return you to your daily activities and favourite sports without pain. Call 416-766-2050 to book an assessment or email us at If you need more information, we offer a free 15 min phone consultation with a physiotherapist. Why wait!

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