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You Can Do Therapeutic Exercises at Bloor Jane Physiotherapy

Bloor Jane Physiotherapy has a gym that’s just the right size for you. Whether you need an individual exercise program as part of your treatment plan or you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or osteoporosis and joined our exercise classes, our gym is just the right size.

Our physiotherapists add exercise into your treatment sessions once the pain has subsided. They create an individual exercise program tailored to your specific needs and supervise it one-on-one. Our unique gym equipment helps improve mobility and strength for your full recovery.

We teach ‘The Osteoporosis Exercises Plan’ exercises for those diagnosed with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bone has become weak and brittle. It is prone to fracture in a fall or an injury. Exercises are a drug-free way to strengthen your bones and there are specific exercises that can strengthen those bones most prone to a fracture. The exercises focus on preventing spinal compression fractures, as well as hip, shoulder, and wrist fractures. Once you learn them, you can continue in our gym or at home using our handy exercise booklet.

We offer the GLA:D exercise program in small groups for those with hip or knee pain or osteoarthritis. Pictured above is one of the GLA:D exercise sessions but they are also offered virtually, online using your own equipment. The program has a proven track record of reducing arthritic pain and returning you to a better quality of life. It’s a 6-week program of exercises twice a week plus 2 education sessions. You can also continue the exercises in our gym after graduation taking advantage of our monthly therapeutic exercise program.

We welcome you to join our monthly exercise plan for your ongoing therapeutic exercises. The monthly plan enables you to come any time to use our equipment and follow your prescribed exercises, with no maximum number of visits required. We bill you the equivalent fee of one physiotherapy visit which you can submit to your health insurance plan. The gym has the usual cardio equipment, but it also has unique exercise equipment that helps strengthen specific muscles and helps improve mobility that may have been lost after an injury or illness.

Call us at 416-766-2050 to schedule an assessment for treatment and begin an exercise plan. Take advantage of our free 15-minute phone consultation to get details about these programs.

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