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Independent Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our Functional Capacity Testing is available for either “Any Occ” generic classifications for vocational placement use, or for “Own Occ”, job-specific applications with the provision of a job demands analysis. 

Each evaluation covers all pertinent testing for strength, range of motion and cardio for the individual along with 26 individual ability consistency cross checks to ensure abilities presented are accurate and consistent with the diagnosis. Unique features such as client digital imagery along with the use of Methods Time Measurement Analysis and Industrial Standards, allow for a clear representation of the individual during testing and also a scientific means of extrapolation of the results to a full workday.

All tests and protocols are supported by peer-reviewed and published clinical research. Our evaluators have been qualified at the CFE designation level (Certified Functional Evaluator) and are experienced in the assessment of both MVA and Workers Compensation clientele.